Tadley Wedding Fairs

The following is a list of wedding events in Tadley, Hampshire.

Those living in Aldermaston, Baughurst, Beenham, Bramley, Brimpton, Midgham, Monk Sherborne, Mortimer Common, Mortimer West End, Sherborne St. John, Silchester, Sulhampstead Abbots, Sulhampstead, Wasing and Wolverton are just a short journey from the event(s) listed below.

We are not aware of any wedding fairs currently scheduled in Tadley. If you know of a wedding fair we should feature then please let us know. Please bookmark this page to check back later.

Tadley Fact File
It is thought the name 'Tadley' means a 'woodland clearing of a man called Tada'. 'Ley' means 'woodland clearing in Old English
In the thirteenth century it is recorded that the manor and church was oened by Andrew Hotot
The oldest building in Tadley is thought to be Burrell's Farm, reputedly built in the fifteenth century
The town's population grew during the 1950's with the arrival of the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston